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In a few years, on an average the automotive industry is expected to lose 20% of its current
customers, Which means for every 30% new customers you get, you only see a 10% increased
growth in your business.

We understand you’re busy running your day to day operations, managing a team of staffs and have
little or no time and expertise in finding new customers.

That’s why EscalateAuto is here to help.

The experienced automotive marketing partner for your business. Specialized in providing digital
marketing solutions to automotive companies and auto repair shop owners.

With Focus on Hyper targeted local rankings and marketing strategies over the years, we have
helped hundreds of independent and franchised automotive businesses grow their customer base by
over 36% thereby generating more revenue.

You may have tried one of other digital marketing services or attempted to do it yourself in the past.
We totally understand how hard it might have been getting the desired results, which is what we
aim to help you achieve, while you focus on doing what you enjoy.

We have a personalized customer service solution and a very responsive support system in place.
EscalateAuto will not only help you grow your automotive business, we will help you navigate
through the internet jungle, unlocking the true potential of your business.




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